Reve Flat Necklace Blue


French vintage glass, bronze metal parts 24k gold plating

○ 99999 cm length
○ 99999 cm width
○ 99999 cm height
○ Diameter: 99999 cm
○ Inside Diameter: 99999 cm
○ Face of the Ring: 99999 cm
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Brass / Bronze / Silver / Silver Plating / White Gold Plating / 14k Gold plating/ 18k Gold Plating / 24k Gold Plating

The metals naturally oxidize over time. The darkened or faded areas due to this chemical reaction can be removed with a silver polishing cloth.

To delay oxidation, keep all SCHO jewelry away from hair products, sweat, humidity, moisture, shower, steam, watery weather and other water sports. Please store it in a paper bag or SCHO’s given dust bag with the silica-gel pebble packages when you are not wearing your jewelry.